POFFAMT - poovelil Ornamental fish farm and minerals trading.
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About poovelil Ornamental fish farm minerals trading.

We are the Breeder, Dealer and Wholesaler of Fresh water Ornamental fishes based in Kerala. We specialize in wide variety of fishes

We are located in Ernakulum dst, Kerala. Our hatchery (Fish Farm) was established in 2012 and has since then focused on raising and stocking & Breeding Fresh Water tropical fish at Poffmat. We know our customers are our most valuable asset, which is why we make our Customer Satisfaction at top priority. We are largest Wholesaler, collector, and supplier for freshwater ornamental fish in India. We handle many types of Fresh water Fish like Ornamental Fish, Edible Fish Seeds, Water Plants We handle many types of Fresh water Fish, ornamental Fish, Edible Fish seeds, water Plants

Ornamental Fish

Denisoni , Angel, Mono Angel, yellow Catfish, Albino Catfish, Sucker Cat fish, Goldfish, Black More, Discus. Golden Severum, Carp, Gourami, Etroplus Suratensis, Philippine Barb, Orange cormrade, Red tail Rainbow Shark, Albino Rainbow Shark, etc..

Edible fish seeds

Gift Telapia, Catla, Rohou, Cat fish(African) Grass Carp, Assam Vala, Nutter ( Piranha) Snake Head etc..
Freshwater Plants

Cabama, Egeria Densa, Sagittaria etc..